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Reading stack to begin 2015

I’m already 80 pages into Deep Down Dark and about 125 pages into Fragrant. I don’t usually read two books at the same time, but I am compelled.

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Back Door Poetry- “Attention” by Kay Ryan

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“The Edges of Time” by Kay Ryan

It is at the edges that time thins. Time which had been dense and viscous as amber suspending intentions like bees unseizes them. A humming begins, apparently coming from stacks of put-off things  or just in back. A racket of … Continue reading

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Glass Slippers by Kay Ryan

Despite the hard luck of the ugly stepsisters, most people’s feet will fit into glass slippers. The arch rises, the heel tapers, the toes align in descending order and the whole thing slides without talcum powder into the test slipper. … Continue reading

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Salvage by Kay Ryan

The wreck is a fact. The worst has happened. The salvage trucks back in and the salvage men begin to sort and stack, whistling as they work. Thanks be to god—again— for extractable elements which are not carriers of pain, … Continue reading

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