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Through the mulch and grey and rot

The Narcissus is the first to appear, the flower named after the young man who could not pull himself from what he perceived as the beauty of his own reflection. He left many would be lovers (of both genders) in … Continue reading

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Thank you, WordPress

I have been looking for an excuse to get an iPad for some time, some justification, some real reason beyond my simple curiosity to entertain myself, I mean explore, the world of apps et al. And I have found it! … Continue reading

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Luau detritus

Short post tonight. Pretty wiped out. Long day. Chaperoned the 5th grade Luau, with its remnants pictured above. I am convinced more than ever to continue to teach 8th graders. Aloha Oe…

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Ah, precocious mouse

The smell in the room had been lingering and actually getting stronger over the last several days. At first we thought it was some old food that was rotting in the garbage can. This afternoon my 7th grade colleague was … Continue reading

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“Did I shave my legs for this?”

Making the drives between Chicago and Toledo has opened up my pop cultural awareness to depths I could never have imagined. Having the time to listen to podcasts and music, wending my way east and west on I 80/94, has … Continue reading

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“Bright Sun after Heavy Snow” by Jane Kenyon

A ledge of ice slides from the eaves, piercing the crusted drift. Astonishing how even a little violence eases the mind. In this extreme state of light everything seems flawed: the streaked pane, the forced bulbs on the sill that … Continue reading

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Level of our present political discourse…

Huh?! I was in Toledo visiting with my ailing mother today and this billboard greeted me  on my way out of town. Ah, the level of our present political discourse has left me utterly speechless.

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Three winter lessons

1. Geese ice skate. A bunch of geese were at the shore. JB said he would sneak up and to have my camera ready so I could capture them in flight. And I did get a few good shots. But … Continue reading

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The Little Giant

I pass it everyday on my way to and from work. In the morning it signals that I have only ten minutes left of my 40 minute drive. In the late afternoon it signals that it’s time to put my … Continue reading

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“Down on your knees, squirrel.”

A peregrine falcon in a squirrel nest. Right outside the window, just as the students were coming into advisory. Talk about a synchronicity ripe for 8th grade humor. Once my students realized that peregrines eat squirrels, they were off. “Hi … Continue reading

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