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“Burned Man” by David Huddle

When I was twelve, a man was burned not quite to death at my father’s factory. Recovered enough to walk the town, he didn’t know what to do with himself—a ghost whose scarred, fire bubbled face made you look away, … Continue reading

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A different kind of turnover

The Breakfast Club has evolved into a group of boys. There was one girl I wanted to join but she has been very sick lately and absent a lot from school. Another girl is unable to make our early morning … Continue reading

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Reanimation Library

I have always been intrigued by the graphics of previous generations. There is something haunting, compelling, provocative, sometimes downright humorous about these images. I have often used them in my own art work and have a collection of such books … Continue reading

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Through the mulch and grey and rot

The Narcissus is the first to appear, the flower named after the young man who could not pull himself from what he perceived as the beauty of his own reflection. He left many would be lovers (of both genders) in … Continue reading

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Thank you, WordPress

I have been looking for an excuse to get an iPad for some time, some justification, some real reason beyond my simple curiosity to entertain myself, I mean explore, the world of apps et al. And I have found it! … Continue reading

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Luau detritus

Short post tonight. Pretty wiped out. Long day. Chaperoned the 5th grade Luau, with its remnants pictured above. I am convinced more than ever to continue to teach 8th graders. Aloha Oe…

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Ah, precocious mouse

The smell in the room had been lingering and actually getting stronger over the last several days. At first we thought it was some old food that was rotting in the garbage can. This afternoon my 7th grade colleague was … Continue reading

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