Flash and glitter

No time for a long post today. Busy hanging JB’s show in our In the Table/ On the Wall gallery for his opening tomorrow night. But I just had to post the picture of the cover of my favorite Constitution project that was handed in today. HG made sure I opened the cover of the notebook for this picture so that we could all see that the back of the notebook was a continuation from the front. She was pretty proud.

Everyone in class was in awe. The students are actually way too easy to impress — especially when it comes to putting energy into assignments. Hard to tell from the photo above, but the stars flash and blink. Pretty impressive. At least on the outside.

It is my hope that the content inside will flash and glitter even more than those stars.

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2 Responses to Flash and glitter

  1. Annie says:

    That really is quite impressive. Hope the inside shines. I love when kids are proud of their work, wanting to show it off.

  2. Jerome Bloom says:





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