What makes it feel so sacred?

Last night was JB’s art show at our gallery In the Table/ On the Wall (Previous Shows: Michael Collects, Gregory PaintsSoiled opening). Since JB’s retirement about six years ago, he has become even more prolific in his art production producing scrolls, paintings, sculptures of wood and of paper, a veteran’s project accompanied with some documented guerilla theater. Our house was filled upstairs and down with the results of his exploration of the meaningful symbols of his life’s quest.

I have watched this work being produced over the years, but somehow, all of it out in our space– not piled, crammed, or stacked in JB’s studio– released an almost overwhelming visual ex-uberance and creative gen-erativity animating the entire house. What is that “thing” which begs to be graphically, tangibly, organically releas-ed? What makes it feel so mysterious? so vulnerable? so sacred?

JB gave tours of his work, his life, his essence all evening.

Celebrations of spirit and expression and commitment are always worth observing– especially accompanied with good friends, delicious food and drink, and a fearless openness to mystery.

(Third photo by M.Peshkin, last photo by M. Horvich, all other photos by JB)

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4 Responses to What makes it feel so sacred?

  1. Jerome Bloom says:



    CAN I



    IT IS





  2. It did feel sacred, magical, reverent. Thanks Jake.

  3. Laurie Kahn says:

    Seeing Jakes’ work fill the house was such a delight and awe inspiring.

  4. isaac says:

    Wow. I am so lucky, we are all so lucky to have this incredible man in our lives, our hearts, our homes. I am so lucky to be able to call him Dad. How wonderful to see all of this work in one place, even after seeing it there my whole life. The world needs to see this work. Every gallery in Chicago needs to be notified, Jerome Bloom is back! Sound the horns! Fire up the band! Shout and shout and shout with exhilarating joy!

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