Infinity Burial Project

JB sent me this link to the artist Jae Rhim Lee, who studied psychology and natural sciences at Wellesley and then did graduate work in Visual Studies at MIT. This science/ art connection is dramatically manifested in her Infinity Burial Project (A Modest Proposal for the Postmortem Body) where she has created specific mushroom spores that can be woven into a shroud that are specifically geared for devouring your specific flesh. These mushrooms have been bred to clean the toxins in your body at death, while quickly decomposing you, to prevent further polluting of the planet and atmosphere. All those Big Macs, salami sandwiches, and new carpet chemistry have to go somewhere.

Intriguing, eh? Just when you thought all your responsibilities ended with your last breath…

Below is a short and very provocative TED talk of her work.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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3 Responses to Infinity Burial Project

  1. Jerome Bloom says:



  2. G and I watched the TED presentation. Interesting that during it people were uncomfortable and laughed at inappropriate times but at the end gave her a rousing ovation with loud applause and shouts. Probably the most difficult part for me was hearing so graphically and honestly the fact that one day we will all die and return to the environment one way or another.

  3. What a great idea! I’ve already enrolled to donate my body for scientific research, but this is another wonderful way to go. Live a life of love as much as possible, and have our last act be one of love to our families and the planet. Fabulous!

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