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Annotating To Kill a Mockingbird

My student’s amazing graphic annotation of To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Harper Lee 1926-2016 RIP

Some previous posts connected to Harper Lee: Ta-Nehisi Coates and Harper Lee Harper Lee is not immune Zack Graham’s To Kill a Mockingbird Problem…and Ours Scuppernongs  

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Zack Graham’s To Kill a Mockingbird Problem… and Ours

The following is reprinted from the National Book Review, written by one of my former students. His words are followed by a short letter to him from me. Essay— My To Kill a Mockingbird Problem…. and Ours By Zack Graham … Continue reading

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Ta-Nehisi Coates and Harper Lee

I’m not sure what possessed me to read these two books back to back— Between the World and Me and Go Set a Watchman. Because I read Go Set a Watchman first, all I could do while reading Go Set … Continue reading

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Harper Lee is not immune

Today in class I showed the courtroom scene from the movie version of To Kill a Mockingbird. Though the movie is a pale reflection of the book, like most movies based on books, the courtroom scene is not too bad—Gregory Peck … Continue reading

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How 8th graders prefer to annotate text 3 1/2 weeks before the end of the school year

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Letters in the hood

Today in class I gave the students a vocabulary test of 100 words from To Kill A Mockingbird. They have had a list of the words since we started reading the book. The vocabulary test was filled with photos I … Continue reading

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Reading outside

We went outside to read today. To read To Kill a Mockingbird. The weather was perfect, the story absorbing. There was no rush and, though outside, no major distractions. With a soft breeze blowing, most of us were quietly engaged … Continue reading

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I was surprised while shopping last weekend to find scuppernongs at Whole Foods. While reading To Kill A Mockingbird every spring at school, the students always ask what a scuppernong is. Harper Lee uses the term at least three times. I … Continue reading

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Settling in with an old friend

We have just finished To Kill A Mockingbird. It’s the last book we read every year and to tell the truth, each year I can’t wait to get to it. Not because it signals the coming of summer, but because … Continue reading

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