Letters in the hood


Today in class I gave the students a vocabulary test of 100 words from To Kill A Mockingbird. They have had a list of the words since we started reading the book. The vocabulary test was filled with photos I took of them with arms akimbo, pointing to their gullet, looking apoplectic, etc. There were all sorts of activities to do with the words including a crossword puzzle for them to solve of 22 words.

For that crossword puzzle, I told them that I would “sell” them a letter for a quarter of a percentage point and they could “buy” a maximum of four letters as hints, if they needed to.

“Could I have a letter?”

“Is this your first one?”


“You know it’s not hard getting your first letter. What’s hard is stopping yourself getting a second and a third.”


“Could I have a letter?”

“This isn’t your first time is it? I’ve seen you around here before.”


“Could I have a letter?”

“Which one do you want?”

“This one.”

“That’s not a good one. Try this one.”


“Please come over here. I need letters. Now. More letters. Hurry….hurry…”


You get the drift. Things got sillier and sillier.

We must be nearing the end of the year.

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