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Teachers on a four day trip to Washington DC with 130 8th graders

The photo above is what teachers indulge in when they are on a four day trip with 130 high energy and healthy 8th graders in Washington DC and they can’t have a drink. The photos below are some of what … Continue reading

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Why can’t we do this more often?

Since the beginning of the school year last fall, every other week, on Tuesdays, my advisory teams up with a class of kindergarteners. The 8th graders become older mentors to the little kids, become their “buddies.” We have gone for … Continue reading

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“You are giving me such a headache.”

Today we talked about truth. How do we sift through the material we are flooded with on a daily basis and figure out what is the truth? What assumptions do we make in the judgment of truth? In light of … Continue reading

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How 8th graders prefer to annotate text 3 1/2 weeks before the end of the school year

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And more All Quiet creative projects

At the end of our reading of All Quiet on the Western Front, I ask my 8th graders to produce a creative response to the book. This can take any form: a play, a poem, an image, a piece of music. Today … Continue reading

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What happens when 8th graders finish their homework

They draw with a permanent marker on your hand.

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