The Y chromosome


I came into the classroom this morning and found three of the boys in my advisory laying on the big table tossing wads of paper or colored markers or paper plates toward the tall wastebasket in the corner of the room. I said, “Ah, yes, the Y chromosome is actually the ‘I know I could be the best basketball player in the world’ chromosome.” Pointing to them I said, “Witness the Y chromosome hard at work.”

One of the boys in my advisory had recently broken his leg trying to jump over a tennis net and was sitting with his crutches under the trajectory to the wastebasket. Speaking to him, I said, “And I am sure, if you could, you would be up on that table too.”

“Actually,” he answered, “I am living proof of the consequence of that Y chromosome.”

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1 Response to The Y chromosome

  1. Jerome Bloom says:

    Fun start today

    hope it keeps


    and rolln




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