Hands-on organization


The biggest challenge for most middle school students is organization. It is difficult for them to manage all their academic responsibilities, even remembering which materials to bring to class. Though you will repeat what their homework is, have it written on the board, and posted on your website, middle school students will still inevitably ask what their homework is for the evening.

But EK has figured out a brilliant solution that really works for him— a beat-up, red, heavy-paper file box with duct-taped flap that he lugs around with him everywhere he goes, that he needs to carry with both hands, and in which he can place all books, papers, notes, and asundry “stuff.” In this digital age of laptops, iPads, and iPhones, I love that he has chosen this very hands-on way to keep organized. His “cloud” looks like something he found in the inner reaches of his basement or stashed between the trash cans in the alley. It makes him feel comfortable that he has all his materials with him. And as long as he can keep it off his desk, because he can barely see from behind it, I think he is going to have great success.

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