Taking care of loose ends


Today my mother and I straightened out the timing of her Parkinson medications with the nurse in her retirement home.

We measured new pants my sister bought her to see if they needed to be shortened.

We ate chocolate.

I washed her food encrusted help button.

I watched her drift in and out of reality as she fought off a UTI infection.

We held hands.

We talked with her nurse about getting the staples/stitches taken out of the back of her head tomorrow morning after she fell last week.

We shared cream of spinach soup.

She played with her lift chair going up and down continually for about three minutes.

We looked at photos of my brother’s art show.

She shared stories about how the people at the retirement home celebrated her when she came back from the hospital.

We ate more chocolate.

While we talked about surprise guests coming to Thanksgiving this year, she dialed my cell phone number.

I worked at getting her grandfather clock to function.

We worked on the details of the gift she is giving to my sister and her partner of 18 years who are getting married next weekend.

I temporarily patched her help button necklace strand.

She held my toes.

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2 Responses to Taking care of loose ends

  1. Amazing that as life narrows, the importance of the details widen.

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