We the people have been “rickrolled!”

We have been working hard to understand the words of the Constitution. We are almost done with Article I and tomorrow we have a preamble test. To lighten things up a bit, I decided to play Schoolhouse Rock’s “The Preamble” from an upload on youtube. The students were happily singing along when at 2:04 in the video we were rickrolled (see video above).

Yes. Rickrolled. I should have known it was going to happen. Beneath the video on the youtube website are the words, “MADE THIS FOR ALL YOU EIGHTH GRADERS HAVE FUNNNN.” This should have been a great big clue, at least that’s what TM said, catching his breath in between peals of laughter, at the end of the video.

To be rickrolled is an internet meme that sends people to the video “Never Gonna Give You Up” sung by Rick Astley in 1987, his only hit song. The meme is basically a bait and switch. People think they are going to other intended sites and end up in “Never Gonna Give You Up.” In this case, no need to click. Astley just appears. Red-headed, smarmy, dancing in a trench coat.

Yes. We the people have been “rickrolled.” It was the perfect check and balance to our otherwise serious and earnest focus.

(To be more completely rickrolled, click here.)

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1 Response to We the people have been “rickrolled!”

  1. Jerome Bloom says:

    WHAT WOULD THE FOUNDERS SAY ABOUT THIS?????????????????????????????

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