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“Tropical Storm” by Lydia Davis

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ER’s Fine Tea Selections

I was going through an old pile of papers in the rear of my desk and came across the papers pictured above. About 10 years ago, ER was in my 8th grade class. He was hyperactive (and also a bit … Continue reading

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Student locker

This is a panoramic shot of a locker just outside my classroom. I heard lots of noise this morning and came into the hallway. The student, whom I don’t teach and is in a younger grade, was trying to close … Continue reading

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Hands-on organization

The biggest challenge for most middle school students is organization. It is difficult for them to manage all their academic responsibilities, even remembering which materials to bring to class. Though you will repeat what their homework is, have it written … Continue reading

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In this season of purging (and culture of identity theft), I have to admit the acquiring of an electric shredder has changed my life. I used to use the shears pictured below for sensitive documents, but after clearing out the … Continue reading

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The aesthetics of anal retention

Each teacher at our school has a small group of advisees for whom we are advocates. Each grade level has certain goals and issues to address with their advisees, one of which is to help 8th graders become more organized. … Continue reading

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