The colorful nuances of morning espresso

IMG_6117Starting mid-June, instead of having a large glass of coffee (yes, we drank our coffee from glasses) every morning, which JB prepared as part of our morning routine, we have taken to drinking a double espresso. The taste is deliciously strong but with less caffeine than the coffee we used to make. We usually each make our own, because one can only make one cup at a time anyway, and the DeLonghi machine is way fun to use. Some time ago, I purchased some brightly colored espresso cups and saucers to include in this new ritual.

Now, though JB doesn’t usually prepare my coffee, he does put out a cup and saucer for me to use each morning. Each day it is a different intentional color combination. One morning, the yellow cup sitting on the orange saucer was to help me wake up. Yesterday he said the blue and green combination was for healing (blue) and growth (green). I look forward to my colorful morning message each day. This has been going on for most of the summer.

We had a bit of a spat this morning and JB claimed he didn’t know why he chose red for the saucer of my cup. Ah, the colorful nuances of morning espresso.


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  1. Jerome Bloom says:


    Hahaha HA







    Thank You

    For our



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