Just bury the half-eaten tomato

IMG_6069 (1)

It happens every year. The squirrels start to eat the tomatoes before they have ripened. I’m really OK about animals sharing our garden harvest as long as they don’t wipe it out. Last year the rabbits ate every last shred of arugula and kale, leaving us absolutely nothing. And I do get irked by the squirrels grabbing unripened tomatoes, taking a few bites, and discarding the majority of the vegetable. I have been conditioned by years of “There are children starving in China” to clean my plate. If the squirrels finished the whole thing off, I wouldn’t feel as if the food were wasted. This morning I discovered a very large, partially nibbled, Moscovich heirloom tomato (photo above) sitting on a chair in the garden.

To beat out the squirrels, I did an early harvest of some tomatoes (still green) that I will ripen in paper bags–Plum, Black Krim, Zebra, Orange Cherry, Black Cherry, Moscovich, Mortgage. Today’s (slightly premature) harvest included lots of Yukon potatoes (grown from springtime eyes), Japanese eggplant, and hot Hungarian Wax peppers.

JB, perusing the bounty, suggested we just bury the half (not even)-eaten tomato and see if it comes back next year. And if it doesn’t— well— it’s good compost for the soil. Great idea.




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