Get your praise on!

On our way to Father’s Day breakfast, my son called to tell us to put our car radio on V103. It was Sonya Blakey’s Sunday Gospel Show. Playing was a rendition of the Mississippi Children’s Choir’s “His Eye is on the Sparrow” (see above). Powerful, persuasive, inspiring, vocally athletic, exhilarating. This was followed by Kirk Franklin’s “Why We Sing.” Between songs, Blakey kept encouraging her listeners to get their praise on! By the time we got to breakfast, we practically danced into the restaurant.

It has been two weeks since school has ended and I have been writing thank you notes for the wide variety of gifts and support I have received upon my retirement. Gratitude is a powerful behavior. It is heart and head working together with one’s sincerest and most genuine self to speak thanks. We don’t do it as often as we should. It is cleansing and transformative and has helped to bring closure to the bittersweetness that is retirement and has helped me to begin the process of new generative possibilities.

Get your praise on!

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