Patterned tapes


This photo is of a personalized computer one of my students brought to school today to complete work on a research paper. She used a variety of patterned tapes to create this visual menagerie. At first I thought she had purposely left the tape off of the s, e, r, g, control, and option keys creating a very sophisticated composition, but she told me the tape had simply come off those keys.

I can only imagine her, on a night when she was bored with doing her homework, sitting in front of this computer surrounded by her many rolls of this patterned tape, obessively and with great engagement snipping different pieces of these tapes and placing them somewhat randomly and imperfectly on her keyboard keys. Certainly a lot more riveting than doing that math assignment or reading those 18 pages.

The result is stunning– humanizing, humbling, personalizing this piece of high tech hardware. A completely satisfying and fulfilling use of her time.

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  1. Jerome Bloom says:

    After my sister and I were old enough to take care of ourselves ,
    my mother a Private Secretary before marrying ,retaught herself to type
    on a manual typewriter that had blank keys.She aced her first job interview
    starting in a typing pool and working up to a Private Secretary.

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