The past becomes the future through the medium of the present

IMG_0106Not even a month (25 days ago to be exact) and the seeds for the garden are flourishing, especially the fava beans, the melons, and the lemon cukes. It truly is magical putting the small seeds into the dirt and watching a whole plant emerge, at first so vulnerable and small (well perhaps the favas are an exception. They seem almost fully formed straight out of the soil!). From such microscopic origins, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, and various herbs will end up in our salads and stews. Some will end up in frozen dishes where, when we heat them up, the taste of summer will reemerge even though it may be in the depths of next winter.


the seeds 25 days ago

Some of these seeds we planted were rescued from the innards of last year’s bounty. Sorted, dried, bottled, and labeled, we now urge rebirth with lots of light, a warming pad, and plenty of water. We watch as the past becomes the future through the medium of the present. It’s awesome to witness such grand transformation.

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4 Responses to The past becomes the future through the medium of the present

  1. Melissa Shaw-Smith says:

    Such a fantastic sign of hope and renewal. Got a few seeds in myself today, the ground having finally divested itself of frost. A good growing season to you, and many happy salads!

  2. anvilcrow says:


    Thomas Jefferson

    lives on



    West Garden

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