Real Father’s Day Pancakes

JB’s father was an expert pancake and omelette maker when JB was growing up. We have used his recipe ever since I can remember being with JB. On weekends making pancakes and when the kids were growing up, we created shapes, animals, even the letters in their names. The recipe is pretty basic holding lots of room for creativity. AB, in her very scientific frame of mind, kept tally of the different types of flours and ingredients to archive our pancake experiences. (Love her 9.5703612 rating. And IB, who was only a year and a half at the time, eking out a “yeah!”)

In commemoration of Father’s day, after an early morning walk (and I do mean early) we came home to make JB’s dad’s cakes. The recipe originally was typed by JB’s mother (see below) and eventually made it to our own family recipe book (photo below that).

Eating pancakes is the best way to remember with delicious fondness all the ways the fathers in our lives fed and feed our tummies and our souls.

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7 Responses to Real Father’s Day Pancakes

  1. Jerome Bloom says:

    DAVE B.







  2. Jerome Bloom says:

    MOTHER of……………….









  3. Donna says:

    Looks delicious! Happy Father’s Day!!

  4. isaac says:

    Oh how I miss those cakes! It’s enough to make a grown (young) man cry. 🙂

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