Ducks Gone Wild!


When we entered Anderson Japanese Gardens today, the image above was what we saw. I know the ducks were feeding, but seeing their duck butts in the air, in unison, was very funny to me. Verily like a water ballet.

Later, near the waterfall (I heard the abundant splashing first), the ducks were splashing themselves and each other in exuberance. In fact, at the water’s edge, we were getting wet ourselves from their high-spirited horseplay (Can “ducks” participate in “horse”play?). I can’t help but to anthropomorphize them. It seemed so absolutely playful, enthusiastic, irrepressibly jubilant. They wiggled their behinds with great gusto, twisted and turned their bodies as in a ballet (see the fourth photo below), pushed themselves out of the water, and opened and fanned their wings to spray water as well. Part of this dramatic demonstration had to do with cleaning themselves, but I have never seen so theatrical a display in taking care of such a habitual chore. And in all the duck sightings today they were all female ducks, female mallards, specifically. No males anywhere. Was that why they were so excited? The ladies having a time at the spa? Ducks gone wild!

May we all be blessed with copious liberating moments of complete abandon, with finding utter joy in the most mundane of tasks, and with experiencing all this with our dearest of friends as these female mallards were able to share today.

DSC_0842DSC_0857DSC_0872 DSC_0950DSC_0962


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1 Response to Ducks Gone Wild!

  1. Jerome Bloom says:

    Bravo Bravo Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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