Sensing the earthquake…

OK, maybe it’s because of our near encounter with a possum that my ears are alert to stories about wildlife. JB shared with me today that the animals in the Smithsonian National Zoo in DC were aware of the earthquake on the east coast the other day at least 15 minutes earlier than humans were.

The flamingoes gathered into a huge huddle, looking like a huge pink ball, called a defensive flock. The lemurs began screeching, giving out alert calls a full 15 minutes before the quake. The elephants, whose pads on the bottom of their feet are extremely sensitive, were very agitated. Snakes, which apparently sleep during the day, were moving back and forth in their enclosures. The orangutans were screaming. A gorilla grabbed her young one and quickly scurried up a tree. Monkeys were screeching.

The zookeepers noted this “strange” and “unusual” behavior but were miffed as to its cause. As soon as the earthquake hit, they understood the “weird” behavior, that in fact was not weird at all, but in actual fact was a result of being very attuned and sensitive to, aware and observant of their environment.

Sometimes I don’t even notice when JB does the dishes.

There’s a lesson here.

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4 Responses to Sensing the earthquake…

  1. LMAOAROTF at your final summation.

  2. Jerome Bloom says:






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