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Reaping the results of the conscientious, earnest, and dedicated efforts of my colleagues

Yesterday my 8th graders had their first Around Table discussions of the year. The Around Table is a structure of formalized classroom discussion that allows the students to be totally in control of the conversation. They don’t raise their hands … Continue reading

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Didn’t you write a legal brief?

Maybe it was because I had just praised the whole class about how well they did on the last assignment, better than any class had done before. Maybe it was because the challenge was actually very engaging. Maybe it was … Continue reading

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Will you visit our school?

We have finished reading Warriors Don’t Cry and I have asked my students to write Melba Patillo Beals a letter expressing how they felt about the book and asking her to come visit us in Chicago. Melba is one of … Continue reading

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Teachers don’t cry….

For the past couple of weeks we have been reading Warriors Don’t Cry, an autobiography of Melba Patillo Beals who was one of the little Rock Nine. We have examined the constitutional crisis that took place in 1957 by exploring … Continue reading

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