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Valentine’s Day koan

(photo underneath the heart stone by JB)

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Oatmeal Cookies

Mmmm… part of our Pre-Valentine’s Day meal this evening. Easy. Quick. Delicious. Original recipe by my husband’s mother. Now tweaked over these many years. Yes, off to the kitchen to get another.

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Eric Foner loves me

For Valentine’s Day at school, students can purchase Lindt truffles for friends and they are delivered on the last day of school before Valentine’s Day. The ASA (Asian Students Association) sponsors this activity and the money raised is donated to a … Continue reading

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JB’s Valentine Full Moon

After a delicious meal of fresh tuna, chard and kale, rice with Kagoshima grains, accompanied by a bottle of Kame (a rich Spanish red table wine acquired from our wine club), JB went outside and captured the full Valentine moon. … Continue reading

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Dendrobium and Laeliocattleya in Rogers Park

Dendrobium Nobile Love Memory “Fizz” has landed in Rogers Park and has located a warm, well-lit space in the eastern windows on Wolcott Ave. Reports are that it is acclimatizing well and is powering up to bloom very soon. It … Continue reading

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A Valentine from Eric Foner

Over the years Valentine’s Day as a teacher has procurred me the occasional Starbucks card or even the box of candy. But clearly this year I have received the very best Valentine’s Day treat ever. The Asian Students Association sponsored … Continue reading

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“Did I shave my legs for this?”

Making the drives between Chicago and Toledo has opened up my pop cultural awareness to depths I could never have imagined. Having the time to listen to podcasts and music, wending my way east and west on I 80/94, has … Continue reading

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