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Reveling in the ephemeral abundance of flowers

Our crab apple is flowering, more buds than we have ever had before. It literally looks like it is covered in snow. All grown from a volunteer seed that a volunteer bird ate inside a nearby crab apple and deposited in … Continue reading

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Silver Maple

The 125 year old silver maple in our backyard just got a trim. Long overhanging branches hovering over our house and over the neighbors’ yards were cut off relieving some of the weight on the crotch of the tree. This old … Continue reading

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Pomelo oasis

I love grapefruits, especially ruby reds. I love that composite sweet and sour taste. The flavor is complex, like a rich red wine. But it is also intense. I sometimes feel like I need to be “ready” to eat a … Continue reading

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Wisdom and poetic inspiration on the parkway

The city has finally replaced the tree that they removed on the parkway in front of our house (Final Requiem for the Silver Maple). We thought we we would be able to choose the tree we wanted but the city … Continue reading

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Final Requiem for the Silver Maple

Yesterday the city came to grind the stump of the Silver Maple. JB carved a Buddha in a chunk of the tree, which he said oozed with sap as he carved. This Buddha sits on the piano right as you … Continue reading

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Fighting the rot

Our Silver Maple is gone. I was at work, but JB was home to document its departure. The previous owners of our home renovated the house in order to sell it after their father had died. During the winter of … Continue reading

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