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Requiem for a Camry

Today, my son, who has been driving our 2000 Camry for the past 2 or 3 years (first purchased 15 years ago, in part, to accommodate his long legs) sold it to the auto shop where it has been taken … Continue reading

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How my Prius C continually teaches me mindfulness

Sometimes when I show up at work, I have no memory of how I got there. It’s a 20 mile drive and sometimes I am surprised, as I grab my briefcase from the trunk of the car, that I have … Continue reading

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Earth Day Gas Mileage

Traffic was really slow on Lake Shore Drive on the way home from school today. I’m not really complaining because the weather was absolutely beautiful and the windows were down letting fresh spring air circulate all around me. The lake … Continue reading

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C the Prius C

We did it. We are now the proud owners of a Prius C 2. Today I averaged 60 miles per gallon on the way home from work! The car is filled with all sorts of data and buttons and whistles … Continue reading

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Vital Fluids

Oil change time again. At least that’s what we went in for. But now a new water pump is called for and the oil pan needs to be resealed. At 185,000 a new water pump is not outrageous. It’s the … Continue reading

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Ferns propagate 250 miles via Toyota

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57 miles from home

57 miles from home our 2000 Toyota Camry turned 180,000 miles old. A lot of distance traveled. A lot of road covered. Many unanticipated journeys and adventures. A dusty and streaked dashboard. Mileage per gallon not quite what it used to be. But the motor is … Continue reading

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