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What suggestions do you have for next year’s 8th grade, to make sure this process is as meaningful as possible?

After the History Fair Thursday night (see the last post) I had the students reflect on the whole experience in class on Friday. We talked together for a while and then I had them write, responding to a few questions. The last question … Continue reading

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It is what it is. And it is pretty awesome.

Tonight’s the History Fair. A broad variety of topics have been researched by the students that is of particular interest to them. The only parameters for the topics were that the topic needed to fall between the bookends of the two … Continue reading

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Three espressos and 40 research papers

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Magic Words

The students are presently working on their research papers. They have been reading about and exploring their topics for over a week and are starting to organize their ideas. Yesterday we talked about formulating a thesis. This concept is so … Continue reading

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Eric Foner loves me

For Valentine’s Day at school, students can purchase Lindt truffles for friends and they are delivered on the last day of school before Valentine’s Day. The ASA (Asian Students Association) sponsors this activity and the money raised is donated to a … Continue reading

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The annual burn

Every year we burn our Constitution tests. Because our school receives federal funding we are mandated to give a Constitution test in the 8th grade and then mandated to destroy it just in case an upcoming 8th grader lays their … Continue reading

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The incredible persuasiveness of second and third person pronouns

When writing essays I always have to remind my students to not use “I,” that I will know that the ideas are theirs because they are writing the paper. “I believe that the United States is a good place to … Continue reading

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