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World peace is declared

Each year before we start our unit on Reconstruction, I have the students do a timeline of their lives, intersecting it with global events. I share a portion of my own timeline with them and point out that around my middle … Continue reading

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Diversity Day

Today was Diversity Day at school. All the teachers and staff prepared and taught workshops on issues of diversity that are of interest to them. There were workshops on the Chinese Immigration to the United States, Inclusion and Disability, Urban Planning and … Continue reading

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Post-grading musings

The mega stack of Fahrenheit papers graded. Finally. Some of them oh so painful to read. In fact, I only gave two A’s. Yes, these were written just a few days before the winter break. Yes, we were all ready … Continue reading

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Letting the Constitution get under your skin

Yes, it’s that time of year. A week from today the 8th graders at our school will take the Constitution test. Because our school receives federal funding, 8th graders are required to pass this test in order to graduate and … Continue reading

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In the pursuit of happiness…

For the past month we have been studying the Constitution. We have looked at political philosophers like John Locke. We have examined the Declaration of Independence. We have unscrambled the Preamble and connected it to the weaknesses of the Articles … Continue reading

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Ken Robinson: Full Body Education

     —————————————————-(illustrated by Gavin Aung Than 2014)  

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Didn’t you write a legal brief?

Maybe it was because I had just praised the whole class about how well they did on the last assignment, better than any class had done before. Maybe it was because the challenge was actually very engaging. Maybe it was … Continue reading

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