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8th grade logic

This morning during advisory I asked my advisees how the year was going so far. They said it seemed alright, OK. Nothing brilliant or sparkling. Sure it was school I was asking them about and they were speaking in front … Continue reading

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“You are giving me such a headache.”

Today we talked about truth. How do we sift through the material we are flooded with on a daily basis and figure out what is the truth? What assumptions do we make in the judgment of truth? In light of … Continue reading

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Ethical conundrum

When there is just 5 or 6 minutes at the end of a class and we have finished our work, we play a game called “Mrs. Robinson.” I’m not sure how the game got its moniker, but I learned it … Continue reading

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8th grade energy

Last week in class we put together boxes that each student will fill with symbols of stories in his/her life that helped to shape who they are. We have talked about not being literal in their choices of items which … Continue reading

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The students’ first day

Today was the students’ first day. Only a bee sting on a student’s eyelid during lunch outside, a long email from a parent concerned about bullying, and confusion over where lockers were located with several students being mistakenly assigned to … Continue reading

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End of my last planning week

It is actually bittersweet (more sweet than bitter) that this is the last time I will experience a planning week. I will be retiring this June and will never again have to sit through so many meetings about lockers and … Continue reading

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Clamorous chorus of adolescent pandemonium

Today I drove the school mini bus to help a friend out who had recently had some surgery on her foot. She is teaching a summer school class on Chicago and today was a field trip to the Chicago History … Continue reading

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