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Not much distance at all

This photo was taken by Declan Haun in 1961 in Monroe, North Carolina— 53 years, 753 miles, 12 hours away by car from Ferguson, Missouri. Not much distance at all.

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June 16—forging political change/ transforming the world

Today is the anniversary of the Soweto uprisings, also known as June 16 (1976), the turning point for apartheid in South Africa. Starting as a peaceful protest by students against the enforced use of the Afrikaans language in the schools (Bantu … Continue reading

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Rachel Maddow: State Politics Go Nuclear

This is Maddow’s broadcast from March 10, 2011, which is about the wider ideological agenda that is demonstrated by the stripping of public workers’ collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin and threatened elsewhere. We must stay engaged and actively work to … Continue reading

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In the glow of protest, full of hope and possibilities (*Edited)

I can’t help but feel spirited support for the protests that are going on in Egypt right now. The diverse voices (at least for Egypt diverse) in Tahrir Square in Cairo, and in many other cities in Egypt, demanding political … Continue reading

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