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Bodies of Memory

Last night, we saw Bodies of Memory, a performance piece created by a friend of ours, Ginny Sykes. Using dance, film, original and published music (live and recorded), and photographs projected onto a large screen, Bodies of Memory explores how … Continue reading

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Apparition HD grand finale – Klaus Obermaier & Ars Electronica Futurelab

(featuring Rob Tannen)

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The Thrill of Balance

The man who performs in these short videos is Maedir Eugster, an awe-inspiring performance artist of the Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque, which he co-founded and has co-directed with his wife, Lena Roth, since 1978. Eugster was trained at the Paris Ecole Nationale … Continue reading

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Taking up the Banana Man’s baton

Yesterday was JM’s birthday and he brought a banana cake and banana bread to class to celebrate. The cake was iced with cartoon figures from Futurama. My students asked why he had brought so many kinds of bananas to class? … Continue reading

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The best way to stay warm on a very cold winter day

This morning in extended advisory was a spontaneous happening. Because rooms are at a shortage for advisory, we meet in the middle school drama room where there is a small stage. One of my advisees is a theater tech person … Continue reading

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The Little Girl Giant

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Amelia Earhart speaks to Sally Ride

Sally Ride died two days ago, the day before Amelia Earhart’s birthday 115 years ago (July 24, 1897). Ride was the first American woman in space. Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. A year ago, Emily … Continue reading

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I have blogged about collections before. In one of my earliest posts I looked at the history of collections and connected it to the ones we have in our home. Later I blogged about MG and GM’s In the Table/ … Continue reading

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Weekly Salon in a Saloon

Saturday we went to The Horseshoe on Lincoln Avenue to experience Paper Machete: A Live Magazine. We originally went to support a family friend, Emily Rose, who was performing, but I believe we’re hooked. Every Saturday at 3pm for free, … Continue reading

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Seduced by prestidigitation

Simon Pierro is a german magician and performance artist. The following video of his magical exploration of iOS 5 is amusing and clever. Once again I am reminded of J. Stuart Blackton over a century ago. (I have posted the … Continue reading

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