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Amazing Grace

President Obama’s eulogy for the Reverend Clementa Pinckney, one of the nine killed during Bible study at the AME church in Charleston, was a powerfully put perspective on race, love, spirituality, justice, and activism. Obama even broke into singing “Amazing … Continue reading

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Leave each other’s bumper stickers alone

OK, this is the third time this has happened this year and it happened once four years ago as well. Right in front of my school. My Obama stickers are being defaced. The past two times glazegourmet.com donuts have been … Continue reading

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“You Don’t Own Me”

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Throwing the kids out of the second story window

This last week I had the opportunity to attend a post board meeting dinner at the Quadrangle Club in Hyde Park. Chairs of all the departments of our school were invited as well as the President of the Union (how … Continue reading

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Why Obama Now

President Obama speaks at the Associated Press luncheon April 3, 2012, animated by Lucas Gray of Simpson’s and Family Guy fame.

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No hiding in Hyde Park

I left my gradebook at school (I have six more narratives to write) and my classroom needed to get cleaned up for summer school classes (I’m not teaching any, but others are using my classroom). So I bribed JB with … Continue reading

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“…and the fool shall be servant to the wise.”

I know everyone is facebooking and tweeting about Obama’s support for gay marriage, but I thought I would add my voice to the chorus. The political climate now is incredibly polarized and drowning with sounds of fundamentalist christian rhetoric. For … Continue reading

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Just in case you missed it….

He has my vote (as if there were any question otherwise). ( In case the video above is not working, click here.)

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Yo, nation-builder

As I was walking down the hall today, I bumped into TJ, who was shoving books into his locker. He smiled and said, “Ms. Y, you are a nation-builder.” “Yes I am,” I answered. CL, with his blue knitted hat … Continue reading

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Reaching for the “better angels of our nature”

President Obama’s speech at the Tucson Memorial Service:

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