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“Katachi” by Shugo Tokumaru

In our latest communication with IB in Japan, he said that he has recently found the music of Shugo Tokumaru to be phenomenal. This musician composes, writes the lyrics, mixes, and performs his music, controlling every aspect of it. He … Continue reading

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School’s out for summer!

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Billie Holiday’s voice still sustains and inspires

The sophisticated, unique, and haunting way she understood and phrased music continually keeps her artistry fresh and alive. Billie Holiday, a remarkable talent on the planet for only 44 years, would have been 100 today. It’s an incredible gift, with … Continue reading

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Lesley Gore 1946-2015 RIP

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Confluence of rhythm, color, and improvisation

Saturday night, JB, IB, and I went to Andy’s Jazz Club to hear Greg Spero, a jazz and fusion pianist that IB went to school with at the U of I. In fact both of them lived in Allen Hall, … Continue reading

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“Autumn” by Vivaldi

“Autumn,” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, presented by The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Matthew Hall, with Scottish violin soloist, Nicola Benedetti— Dec. 10, 2011.

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RIP to the Italian Diva Magda Olivero 1910-2014

Driving home from work today, listening to NPR, I heard the announcement of the death of Magda Olivero, an Italian opera singer who was 104 years old. Her style embraced a mega vibrato combined with a powerful breath control which allowed “Olivero … Continue reading

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Mary Margaret O’Hara

How have I never heard of her before? I always thought I was a pretty hip person, especially when it came to music and when it came to music in the last thirty years. Mary Margaret O’Hara is a unique … Continue reading

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What more do you want?

JB and I drove to the Milwaukee Art Museum last week to see the Wassily Kandinsky Retrospective. The show was put together by the Pompidou Center in Paris of pieces donated to them by Kandinsky’s widow that he had personally kept … Continue reading

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OK Go’s “The Writing’s on the Wall”

This song/ video, “The Writing’s on the Wall” is all about perspective and how one’s perspective colors what one sees, how one’s perspective can play tricks on our understanding. This video’s illusions are impressive especially because the video was made … Continue reading

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