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That is enough

Today we ended Tai Chi class by doing the Six Healing Sounds. Connected with simple movements, these sounds are intended to rid the body of negative emotions and energies and to replace those energies with positive ones. When one participates … Continue reading

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Whenever I give students a break during class or sometimes even before class begins, a group of kids, mostly boys, play a game they call Ninja. They stand in a circle or a loose circular clump and strike a stationary … Continue reading

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Reserve of gracefulness

Today I learned the last of the movements in the T’ai chi form. Actually I have really completed only half of the movements because to do the whole exercise, all the movements need to be reversed and completed on the opposite … Continue reading

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At T’ai chi overlooking the lake very, very early this morning (hence the very long shadow above), I wondered how one could ever master this intricate and precise form of exercise. Indeed, it is stretching the core of my very being, … Continue reading

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Human Ensos: Shinichi Maruyama

I have written about the artist Shinichi Maruyama before focusing on his enso series Koshu. In his new work, Nude, Maruyama has collaborated with choreographer Jessica Lang to create these seamless photographs created by combining 10,000 separate shots of individual … Continue reading

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