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Steering between the setting moon and the rising sun

Monthly I travel to Ann Arbor to visit my mother in an assisted living facility. On this last visit, I took her to get her hair done which includes molding her hair into a virtual sculpture by using enormous amounts of hair spray. We waited … Continue reading

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Glowing bones of an ignored mystery

A spectacular sky this morning on my way to school. The sun had not yet risen. 6:15am. A half crescent moon looking like the x-ray outline of a brilliant white bowl in the dark sky. And beneath it a very … Continue reading

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Long Night Moon

This is last night’s “Long Night Moon,” aka “Cold Moon” or “Moon before the Yule.” Its name comes from the fact that it is the full moon which spends the longest time all year in the sky (when night is … Continue reading

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Blood Moon

JB could not help himself. Somewhere around 4:00 this morning he woke me up to come outside and look at the Blood Moon lunar eclipse. I have to admit, I could have put up a fight, and rolled over and … Continue reading

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JB’s Solstice moons

(All photos by JB)

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RIP Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

I was nineteen years old when Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon. I remember before I went to bed that night, after watching lots of shaky footage on television of the moon walk, how I stared long and hard … Continue reading

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A coppery Winter Solstice

A full moon hangs high in the chilly sky, All say it’s the same everywhere, round and bright. But how can one be sure thousands of li away Wind and perhaps rain snow may not be marring the night? –   … Continue reading

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Shine on Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. The equinox is when the length of day and the length of night are equal all over the earth, 12 hours each. The equinox was last night; the … Continue reading

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