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We ordered five 1000 piece puzzles and I opened one today to work on. Working a puzzle is like meditation. There is a box filled with 1000 pieces of chaos and slowly, through attention to color, pattern, shape, an order … Continue reading

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“The Life of death” by Marcia Onderstijn

(Thanks, ER, for the link)

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Even the shadow calligraphy is impossible to decipher

I just learned that a colleague and friend has passed away. She had many ailments and fell earlier this year, after the school year had begun. The complications from her fall combined with her other health issues ended in her … Continue reading

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Are we ready for Kepler 186f?

It’s 10% larger, orbits a sun that is about half as strong as ours (receiving about a third of the light we receive from our sun) in about 130 days instead of 365. Yet NASA scientists believe it is closely … Continue reading

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“Resume” by Dorothy Parker

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Long day

Today was a very long day. The manhattan that JB made for me when I got home was just the medicine I needed. Sometimes the work one does pulls and stretches every emotional fiber and intellectual muscle one has. Today … Continue reading

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Life is good

The snow started just after lunch. I left school early, about 2:45. Didn’t make it home until almost 6:00. Over three hours in the car. Moving at a snail’s pace from Hyde Park to downtown. Got to almost 20mph around … Continue reading

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