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Don’t tread on me

But my real question is, how do they get rid of the scuff marks? Or maybe these mannequin heads are keeping themselves just above water? (Seen today a few doors from our auto mechanic on Broadway Avenue in Chicago.) [And, … Continue reading

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Nothing standardized about this teacher– or about this series

For the last week, some of my more hip students have been asking me if I have ever seen Portlandia. I’m not much of a TV watcher. Ever since Northern Exposure went off the air, I have not watched much … Continue reading

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Why witches only hang out with black cats

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Aye matey– you mingy rapscallions, gawping panjandrums, churls, dastards, and varlets

Today a student came into class and said that today is International Talk like a Pirate Day. We looked it up on Google and in fact it is real. Having read Haroun and the Sea of Stories filled with words … Continue reading

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Demonic and crazed

I suppose this is not the best way to think about children just before they show up for class next week, but I had to laugh at these portrayals of children in ads from the fifties. Demonic and crazed, these … Continue reading

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I went to the oracle

I went to the oracle today at the Chicago Botanic gardens. The outcome was favorable.

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Weekly Salon in a Saloon

Saturday we went to The Horseshoe on Lincoln Avenue to experience Paper Machete: A Live Magazine. We originally went to support a family friend, Emily Rose, who was performing, but I believe we’re hooked. Every Saturday at 3pm for free, … Continue reading

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Lunch with Soupy

In commemoration of my birthday I am looking back on one of the major influences in my life—Soupy Sales. Every day from first grade to sixth, I would walk home at lunchtime (almost a mile), sit in front of the … Continue reading

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It is in doing what one wants to do, that one becomes who one wants to be.

In short films today, a student shared the following video by Remi Gaillard, french performance artist. He is famous for playing pranks on real people in real places with his accomplice capturing the responses on a hidden camera. Gaillard’s motto … Continue reading

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Symbolic stage directions for language

Punctuation marks are the symbolic stage directions for language. These “stage directions” tell us to pause or use a specific inflection, to soften or emphasize, to slow down or to speed up. They help us to make sense of and … Continue reading

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