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July 4th fireworks…

…in our garden and all day long.

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Audacious Volunteer— Feverfew

The mystery plant in our garden has finally revealed itself—Feverfew or Bachelor’s Buttons. In the place where we grow kale and next to the squash, the hollyhock, garlic, and potatoes, this healthy volunteer appeared early in the spring. Because it … Continue reading

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The energy of the morning glory

Most everything is planted in the garden and now the battle is on — the battle to keep morning glories from strangling everything that’s growing. Yes, the morning glory flowers are lovely, their colors vibrant, the unswirling of their buds stunning, but … Continue reading

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My 64th spring

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Dendrobium and Laeliocattleya in Rogers Park

Dendrobium Nobile Love Memory “Fizz” has landed in Rogers Park and has located a warm, well-lit space in the eastern windows on Wolcott Ave. Reports are that it is acclimatizing well and is powering up to bloom very soon. It … Continue reading

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Melting winter

The bitter chill of winter is  balanced by the blooms of amaryllis. Every year they assertively bloom on our kitchen table reminding us that spring will indeed one day be here again. From Virgil’s Eclogues, we learn that the amaryllis … Continue reading

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“Houston, the day lilies have landed.”

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Before… …and after… …and it is hard to tell which is more beautiful… (top photo by JB)

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After a long day at work…

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Lilacs at last

Neither my mother nor my father were very green-thumbed. In fact, my mother once asked a cement worker who was laying part of a driveway across the street, if he would cement over our backyard. He did. She was sick … Continue reading

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