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Getting Comfortable with ambiguity

Emily Dickinson today! —I dwell in Possibility— A difficult poem but after I dictated the poem to the class and they carefully wrote it in their journals, I then assigned each student a word to look up and define (like … Continue reading

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“We dwell in Possibility”

Today in class I dictated the poem, “I dwell in Possibility,” by Emily Dickinson, which the students wrote in their journals. They were amused at how many times she used dashes and feigned shock and surprise when I said there … Continue reading

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“I dwell in Possibility—” Emily Dickinson

I dwell in Possibility– A fairer House than Prose– More numerous of Windows– Superior–for Doors– Of Chambers as the Cedars– Impregnable of Eye– And for an Everlasting Roof The Gambrels of the Sky– Of Visitors–the fairest– For Occupation–This– The spreading … Continue reading

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Thank you, Lynda. Thank you, Emily.

I shared this video with my students some time ago as a way to think about poetry in a more user friendly way. Lynda Barry, of course, is a wonderfully inspiring and creative soul. Her discussion about Emily Dickinson encouraged … Continue reading

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