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“Relax” by Ellen Bass

Bad things are going to happen. Your tomatoes will grow a fungus and your cat will get run over. Someone will leave the bag with the ice cream melting in the car and throw your blue cashmere sweater in the … Continue reading

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“Ode to Repetition” by Ellen Bass

I like to take the same walk down the wide expanse of Woodrow to the ocean and most days I turn left toward the lighthouse. The sea is always different. Some days dreamy, waves hardly waves, just a broad undulation in … Continue reading

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“Phone Therapy” by Ellen Bass

I was relief, once, for a doctor on vacation and got a call from a man on a window sill. This was New York, a dozen stories up. He was going to kill himself, he said. I said everything I … Continue reading

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“Gate C22” by Ellen Bass

At gate C22 in the Portland airport a man in a broad-band leather hat kissed a woman arriving from Orange County. They kissed and kissed and kissed. Long after the other passengers clicked the handles of their carry-ons and wheeled … Continue reading

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