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Walking in the cemetery

We have always lived near cemeteries. First near Graceland and now Cavalry, not too far from Rosehill. In fact, part of my graduate thesis was about the necropolis at Rosehill being such a perfect reflection of the living metropolis of … Continue reading

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I’ll see you later. MUCH later.

My mother called me a couple of weeks ago from her assisted living facility in Ann Arbor. My sister was with her and they used her facetime. “This is the last time you will see my face.” “What do you … Continue reading

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Sacred space

Gregory, a very dear old friend, died today, just a few minutes after noon. Diagnosed 12 years ago with early onset Alzheimers, this centered, gifted, and creative man has slowly lost the smooth and easy functioning of his graceful body, … Continue reading

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“Slowly” by Donna Masini

I watched a snake once, swallow a rabbit. Fourth grade, the reptile zoo the rabbit stiff, nose in, bits of litter stuck to its fur, its head clenched in the wide jaws of the snake, the snake sucking it down … Continue reading

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My stepfather died last week surrounded by those who loved him. We each held a physical part of him (finger, toe, hand, foot, arm, face) as he transitioned from this world. His funeral was Sunday. Because he was a devoted … Continue reading

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This is Not a Novel by David Markson

Markson’s This is Not a Novel actually is very much a novel but appears as a disconnected collection of quotes, the ways a variety of artists have died, musings, journal type notations, coincidences, gossip, anecdotes, glimpses into the creative life which … Continue reading

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Tinkers “tinkers.”

I’m in Ann Arbor watching my sister’s and her partner’s dog, Odo, while they are away for a few days. Ann Arbor is only about 40 minutes from where my mother and CJ live so this afforded me the opportunity … Continue reading

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“He doesn’t want to let me go.”

My mother has had several health crises in the past several months, getting right to death’s door and then rallying. I’m not sure how many more rallies she has in her, but her determination is really quite impressive. At the … Continue reading

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Otherwise by Jane Kenyon

I got out of bed on two strong legs. It might have been otherwise. I ate cereal, sweet milk, ripe, flawless peach. It might have been otherwise. I took the dog uphill to the birch wood. All morning I did … Continue reading

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