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I replace cowboy man

I discovered this image, drawn in mud, outside on the school building today at 2:07pm. Couldn’t tell whether the cowboy had a bandana around his chin or just 5 o’clock shadow. The mud saber is awesome.

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Foner or “ma hand”

Sometimes, for an 8th grader, late on a Thursday afternoon after a very long review of Reconstruction, drawing “ma hand” is a lot more compelling than reading Eric Foner.

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Lift every voice

Today started with an assembly celebrating Martin Luther King. The assembly was totally kid-centered, an authentic middle school experience. There were excerpts from a play the students had put on earlier this year, Brown Girl Dreaming. There were vocalists and … Continue reading

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Glass Pyrograph drawings

Etsuko Ichikawa uses hot glass to create this very effective and powerful calligraphy. The work in performance is even more riveting. Born in Tokyo (1963), she presently lives and works in Seattle.

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Letting go of fear, feeling more comfortable with risk

In the midst of the snowstorm today we had Diversity Day at school. For this day every teacher in the Middle School plans some sort of activity/ workshop that showcases diversity in whatever way s/he desires. Students may watch short … Continue reading

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