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Happy Halloween

(Thanks, John)

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“Katachi” by Shugo Tokumaru

In our latest communication with IB in Japan, he said that he has recently found the music of Shugo Tokumaru to be phenomenal. This musician composes, writes the lyrics, mixes, and performs his music, controlling every aspect of it. He … Continue reading

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Oh Kindle, Oh Nook, What we miss with the digital book

This 16th century book is an amazing example of gifted and creative craftsmanship. It has taken the “dos a dos” (“back to back”) technique of bookbinding to a new level by binding 6 books together, the collection itself able to … Continue reading

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“Design” by Billy Collins

I pour a coating of salt on the table and make a circle in it with my finger. This is the cycle of life I say to no one. This is the wheel of fortune, the Arctic Circle. This is … Continue reading

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Furniture alive

Lila Jang, Korean artist and designer, creates playful and anthropomorphized furniture, riffing off of classic French Baroque. She is interested in pushing the limits of practicality and entering the realm of whimsy while still maintaining at least a sliver of … Continue reading

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Shameless promotion

My son and a few of his friends have started a new magazine. It is called SOILED and is available online for free or you can have a copy bound and in your hands through Lulu. It is visually and … Continue reading

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