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Misochronism and 8th grade graduation

The end of the school year is enormously busy. And if one is retiring, activities are even further ramped up— including this year being asked by the student body to deliver the faculty address at 8th grade graduation. It is … Continue reading

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451 flash mob

It was the students’ idea. We were talking about a scene in Fahrenheit 451 where the protagonist, Montag, is working to memorize the Bible on his way to see an old professor whom he thinks will help him understand what … Continue reading

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The Hannukah Cowboy (Chaim the Kid), Apocalypse homework for Friday, CC’s answer to number 47 on the Fahrenheit Vocabulary test, and TR’s weather report for the week (in french!).

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“Stuff your eyes with wonder…”

I don’t know if there is an actual written law about needing to get rid of the Constitution tests that the students take, but we don’t give them back to them. I guess this is done because next year’s students … Continue reading

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“Sting me with the theremin, loudly.”

Making learning visceral, tactile, tangible is my goal as a teacher. So, of course, as we have just finished reading Fahrenheit 451, and have begun to unravel many of the allusions in the book, we just had to experience the … Continue reading

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