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“Praise Them” by Li-Young Lee

The birds don’t alter space. They reveal it. The sky never fills with any leftover flying. They leave nothing to trace. It is our own astonishment collects in chill air. Be glad. They equal their due moment never begging, and … Continue reading

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60th at the Botanical Gardens

A friend celebrated her 60th birthday today at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. She wandered and was joined by any who stopped by to wish her the best. These are some of the images taken along the way.

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A precise and final landing for an unspared sparrow

Between the running of many errands today— specifically between the purchasing of some organic candied ginger at Whole Foods and running into an old student of mine who now, as a grown man, is a screen writer— this sparrow begged … Continue reading

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Three winter lessons

1. Geese ice skate. A bunch of geese were at the shore. JB said he would sneak up and to have my camera ready so I could capture them in flight. And I did get a few good shots. But … Continue reading

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“Down on your knees, squirrel.”

A peregrine falcon in a squirrel nest. Right outside the window, just as the students were coming into advisory. Talk about a synchronicity ripe for 8th grade humor. Once my students realized that peregrines eat squirrels, they were off. “Hi … Continue reading

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A live feed from the live feed

JB and his good friend DC went to Wisconsin this last weekend looking for artisan cheeses, eagles, and cranes. They stopped at the Chamber of Congress in Prairie du Chien to find out where any eagle nests were, but actually … Continue reading

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10:00 am

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