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So much for Walden Two and cultural engineering…

Today is B.F. Skinner’s (1904-1990) birthday. He was a radical behaviorialist, a psychologist, novelist, and philosopher, famous for his ideas on behavior modification using continuous and/or variable reinforcement. When I was in college, my psychology professor, a committed Skinnerian, explained … Continue reading

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Snow by Orhan Pamuk

I just finished Pamuk’s Snow. There was something magical about starting it during the huge snowfall that fell on Chicago. It pulled me into the story in a very tangible way, watching both the literal and symbolic layers accumulate around … Continue reading

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Virginia in the waves

I have always been intrigued with Virginia Woolf, as much with the dreamy stream of consciousness of her writing as with her life and dramatic death (putting on her overcoat, filling its pockets with stones, so she would be weighted … Continue reading

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