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“Sapphics Against Anger” by Timothy Steele

Angered, may I be near a glass of water; May my first impulse be to think of Silence, Its deities (who are they? do, in fact, they                Exist? etc.). xxx May I recall what Aristotle says of The subject: to … Continue reading

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“Portrait of a figure near water” by Jane Kenyon

Rebuked, she turned and ran uphill to the barn. Anger, the inner arsonist, held a match to her brain. She observed her life: against her will it survived the unwavering flame. xxx The barn was empty of animals. Only a … Continue reading

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No respite from mindfulness

So I’m not really sure what happened. I had just pulled into a parking space on the street when a car pulled up alongside me. Inside the dark, large, relatively new car was an elegantly coiffed and well-dressed older woman, … Continue reading

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