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Who knew?

Before settling in and getting going on some artwork, I emptied my briefcase from work—mostly files and miscellaneous papers, much of which got trashed. Then I pulled out a blue-covered compilation that one of my students handed me on the … Continue reading

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“What Bee Did” by Julie Larios

Bee not only buzzed. When swatted at, Bee deviled, Bee smirched. And when fuddled, like many of us, Bee labored, Bee reaved. He behaved as well as any Bee can have. Bee never lied. Bee never lated. And despite the … Continue reading

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What happens when 8th graders are only a few weeks from graduation

We took a vocabulary test today. I think my students are ready for summer… When we use the word caliber in reference to a person, what are we referring to? How big they are around? Their waist size? What is … Continue reading

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Oxymorons by William Matthews

Summer school, and jumbo shrimp, of course. Friendly fire, famous poet, common sense, and, until very recently, safe sex: Blind date, sure thing, amicable divorce. Also there’s loyal opposition, social security, deliberate speed. How about dysfunctional family? Eyes blackened, hearts … Continue reading

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To blind someone by placing a red-hot copper kettle near their eyes

I have a thing for dictionaries. I really love them. In fact, I have a collection of old dictionaries and even use them in my art. Some years ago I created a shaman jacket that is covered with images from … Continue reading

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William Kentridge- Automatic Writing

Animated, smudged, and morphing language, visuals, words, imagination, motion, reverie, images, poetry… Kentridge is a remarkable animator, artist, playwright from South Africa. I’m so grateful a friend of mine reminded me of his work and sent me this link.

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Visual antis

One of my students, in a paper entitled “The North won the war, but the South won the peace” wrote, “In 1866, a group of white southerners, who were upset about losing the Civil War and the direction of Recon- … Continue reading

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“I am necessary and proper”

Last summer I attended a writing workshop at Exeter in New Hampshire and the two facilitators of that workshop visited our school yesterday in Chicago. They did a workshop with our eighth grade students starting with Rosario Morales’ and her … Continue reading

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Spread the word…

Indeed! Adopt-a-word. This is a plea from Oxford Dictionaries/ Oxford University Press: Each year hundreds of words are dropped from the English language. Old words, wise words, hard-working words. Words that once led meaningful lives, but now lie unused, unloved … Continue reading

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