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“You Don’t Own Me”

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Barack is back*

My son, who just got an apartment, posted the following on his facebook page: Signing and security deposit on my new apartment: $800. Romney being called out on a lie and proven wrong on national television: priceless. Vote! (*title from … Continue reading

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Throwing the kids out of the second story window

This last week I had the opportunity to attend a post board meeting dinner at the Quadrangle Club in Hyde Park. Chairs of all the departments of our school were invited as well as the President of the Union (how … Continue reading

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The Tea Party is the American Taliban

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November’s choice

I am no expert at critiquing political campaign ads, but I was so comforted by the clarity  in this Obama one. It’s a minute long, twice the normal length of such spots. It doesn’t beat up the opposing candidate. It … Continue reading

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Rachel Maddow: State Politics Go Nuclear

This is Maddow’s broadcast from March 10, 2011, which is about the wider ideological agenda that is demonstrated by the stripping of public workers’ collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin and threatened elsewhere. We must stay engaged and actively work to … Continue reading

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The Morning After…..

Some snippets from today’s conversation between 8th graders: “The republicans have responsibility now too. They can’t just act like they have no power. They’re the majority in the house so they are not off the hook. ” “Whether you are … Continue reading

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Physically voting

I was the first one at the polling place today. I heard the poll workers behind the door. “Where’s the extension cord.” ” There has to be a plug around here somewhere.” “No, the ballots with the blue stripe. Didn’t … Continue reading

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Get your “tuchus” off the couch

5 Reasons for Democrats to vote on Tuesday: 1. To continue to clean up the mess….The Democrats did not create the problems that we are experiencing now. Remember George Bush? Remember that just a few years ago, BEFORE Obama was … Continue reading

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