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Smoky into spring break

I smell pretty smoky, which usually makes me think of summer and night time fires and grilling, but today’s smokiness was caused by our annual burning of the Constitution tests which the students took in the fall. There is a … Continue reading

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15th Amendment

Today is the anniversary of the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment in 1870, the amendment securing the right of black males to vote, though the word black is not mentioned in the amendment itself. During Reconstruction, the period right after … Continue reading

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the right to an eternity

For the past 24 hours, with a short period of sleep inserted, I have worked like crazy to grade and get back my 37 page Constitution test to the students. It was a commitment I made to them to get … Continue reading

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272 words

150 years ago today, Abraham Lincoln spoke his famous address at the dedication of the Gettysburg cemetery. This speech clarified the goals of the Civil War by broadening the notion of who “We the people” were, first mentioned at the … Continue reading

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Flash cards

The Constitution test is a week from Wednesday. Studying this document is a right of passage for the entire 8th grade. They have been hard at work parsing out the 18th century language, dealing with lots of intense vocabulary and … Continue reading

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We the people have been “rickrolled!”

We have been working hard to understand the words of the Constitution. We are almost done with Article I and tomorrow we have a preamble test. To lighten things up a bit, I decided to play Schoolhouse Rock’s “The Preamble” … Continue reading

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Mississippi, once again, in the lead—ratifying the 13th amendment 148 years later

It’s really hard to believe, but the state of Mississippi ratified the 13th amendment 11 days ago. That’s right. The amendment that abolishes slavery, and became part of the U.S. Constitution in 1865, was officially ratified in Mississippi on February … Continue reading

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Constitutional catharsis spiced with a little Bradbury

Today was the annual burning of our Constitution tests. We are required to destroy these nationally mandated tests because of the off chance that someone might share them with an upcoming class hence giving them an unfair advantage. I mean, … Continue reading

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Fix the Senate now

Yes. It is time to change the Senate’s filibuster rules back to their original intent. Presently the silent filibuster, where only the threat of a filibuster is declared or more often insinuated in the backrooms of the Senate, forces all … Continue reading

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Constitution Nexus

I am immersed in the reading of my students’ Constitution Nexuses. They have created their own versions of what the Constitution says, as one way for them to prepare for the test we had the week before Thanksgiving. Though they … Continue reading

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