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Criminal Cards—in the table

Presently, the display in our table (Opening the Books, In the Table/ On the Wall) is part of a collection of criminal cards that I bought at an antique store not far from our house. These were discarded by the … Continue reading

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Symbolic stage directions for language

Punctuation marks are the symbolic stage directions for language. These “stage directions” tell us to pause or use a specific inflection, to soften or emphasize, to slow down or to speed up. They help us to make sense of and … Continue reading

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In the Table/ On the Wall

Last night was our first public art display in our home by artists other than ourselves– “Michael collects and Gregory paints.” In a previous post, I described our new Amish built display table for our living room, which has allowed … Continue reading

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Opening the Books

We just got a new Amish built display table for our living room. This allows us to exhibit even more items from our vast tchotchke collection. Here is a picture of our first exhibit: some illustrated books from our library … Continue reading

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Ten Things I’ve learned about the Art of Blogging

I have been blogging for two months now, a relative newbie. But I have already learned a great deal. Blogging has made me pay more attention to my life. I observe my experiences and my world with more consideration. I … Continue reading

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Michael Johansson

This is art made of collections. This Swedish artist takes objects found at flea markets and other places of resale and positions them carefully together in a kind of ultimate packing art, a sculptural tetris, if you will. These are obsessively … Continue reading

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I have an obsession. So does my husband. We collect things. As artists, objects are very important to us. They inspire us, push us beyond our creative boundaries, hold magic for us. Every journey we make, even the most mundane, … Continue reading

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