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Paper Age

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“We get the media we deserve.”

I just finished Brook Gladstone’s The Influencing Machine. Her name may sound familiar. She is the co-host of NPR’s On the Media.  Her book is a musing on the role and history of the media in our society  and is … Continue reading

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Tinkers “tinkers.”

I’m in Ann Arbor watching my sister’s and her partner’s dog, Odo, while they are away for a few days. Ann Arbor is only about 40 minutes from where my mother and CJ live so this afforded me the opportunity … Continue reading

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When is a book a book VI: or a wall or a bench or a floor

Rodney LaTourelle, artist, and Thilo Folkerts, landscape architect, created Le Jardin de la Connaisance (Garden of Knowledge) in 2010 in Quebec, an environmental piece created in the outdoors of 40,000 books forming walls and benches and floors. The idea was … Continue reading

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“It’s like trying to dive into ice.”

We have just begun Fahrenheit 451, which is a perfect book for 8th graders. They are completely blown away that this was written over 60 years ago, because they are quick to spot some of the tendencies in contemporary society … Continue reading

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Library of Babel

Today is the Argentinian writer, Jorge Luis Borges’, birthday (1899-1986). His work is filled with conundrums, mazes, mirrors, dreams, fantasies, illusions, surrealism, labyrinths, puzzles, mathematical permutations. He wrote about fictional writers, books, and places as if factual and real with … Continue reading

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When is a book a book IV: Going West

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When is a book a book III: book as architecture

King Mindon Min (1808-1878) of Burma created the largest book in the world. It’s a book you need to walk through in order to read, but a book nonetheless. He was afraid that Buddhist teachings would be lost with the … Continue reading

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This used to be a Borders…

x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*…..sigh……*

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Last day of classes…

Supporting a bake sale for a student whose house burned completely to the ground… Eating advisory breakfast… Discussing a male student’s (FN) pie chart of what girls do in the bathroom— the black piece is “use the bathroom”, the dotted … Continue reading

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