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“The Necessity for Irony” by Eavan Boland

On Sundays, when the rain held off, after lunch or later, I would go with my twelve year old daughter into town, and put down the time at junk sales, antique fairs. There I would lean over tables, absorbed by … Continue reading

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Where my 86 year old mother gets her hair done

Even I caught some style before I left (photos above and to the right). And to make sure I put more color into my life, I was sent home with a generous bunch of color sticks. This is going to … Continue reading

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Snow moon

This is JB’s picture of February’s Snow Moon. Magical, haunting. It is also known as the Hunger Moon or Wolf Moon (for obvious reasons to our ancient predecessors). Tonight we are observing the moon’s fully lit hemisphere with the earth … Continue reading

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Who knew new Noh was nigh?

This afternoon JB and I went to Mitsuwa’s, a Japanese mall in Arlington Heights. I had miso ramen for lunch (along with nibbling on JB’s sushi and onigiri) in the food court and green tea ice cream before coming home. … Continue reading

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Twelve primary colors?!!

We humans see the world in color because of color receptors we have in our eyes. We have three types of photoreceptors (cones): blue, green, and red, which allow us to see close to a hundred different colors, pretty much … Continue reading

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Handsome and beautiful

Since my mother’s last three health crises, she has begun to call me handsome and my sister beautiful. I tease my mother about this all the time. It makes us laugh. My sister is, in fact, truly very beautiful, both … Continue reading

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Japanese Gardens- Portland, Oregon

We’re in Portland for a family celebration and had a bit of time today to visit the Japanese Gardens. It was really hard to decide which photos to post. The weather, the light, (and might I say, the company) were … Continue reading

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When the spa just isn’t enough….

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